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Here is the free mock test of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It would be best if you attempted this to check your preparation.

Note: There are a total of 60 questions, 20 questions from each section, which contains 20 marks for each section,i.e., 1 mark for each question.

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PCM Mock Test

Here are 60 questions, 20 questions from each section.

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Let g'(x) be a function such that g' (x) = f(x) then find the value of
integration f(2x + 1) dx

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Consider the parametric equation,
find dy/dx

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What is the value of k for which the sum of the squares of the roots of 2x2 - 2(k - 2) x - (k + 1) = 0 is minimum?

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The tangent drawn at the point (0, 1) on the curve y = e^2x meets x-axis at the point

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The area of triangles having vertices P(1, 2, 3), Q(2, - 1, 1), R(1, 2, - 4) is:

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Find the solution set of m in the given consistent system of equations
mx - 2y = 3
X + 2 my = m

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Consider the following statement and answer the questions
Find the value of x - y + z.

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Which of the following curve is concave down?

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A toy manufacturing firm assesses its variable cost to be ×' times the sum of 30 and ×, where ×' is the number of toys produced, and also the
cost incurred on storage is Rs. 1500. Find the marginal cost in Rs, when 20 toys are produced.

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The revenue which can be obtained by selling 50 cellphones is Rs 10,00,000. By selling 55 same cellphones, revenue obtained is R$
10,50,000. The marginal revenue in terms of Rs/cellphone is equal to,

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The face value of a bond is Rs 1.700 and the current yield is equal to 10%. What will the annual periodic dividend payments if the difference
between the current yield and coupon rate is 3%? Assume that the bond is being sold at discount.

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Anshul plans a trip to Goa and estimated that he requires Rs 25,000 for the same. He takes a loan from the credit card with an 11% annual
interest rate for 3 years. The EMI under the flat rate system is given by,

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300 gm of sugar solution has 40% of sugar in the solution in it. How much sugar should be added to make it 50% in the solution?

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Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos are two partnership in a business. Joe is an active partner while Joff is a sleeping one. Joe invest S 5000 and Jeff
invest $ 6000. Joe receives 25/2 percent of the profit for managing the business and the rest is divided in proportion to their investment. What
does each get out of a profit of S 880?

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When 67 is divided by a number, say x, a remainder of 3 is obtained. If x < 50, then largest value of x is,

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In the given compound there are three carbon-oxygen bonds denoted by x, y and z
Their lengths are in order

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Phenol on treatment with diethyl sulphate in presence of NaOH gives

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Which of the following is incorrect?

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can be distinguished by

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The correct statements) about actinides is/are:

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The atomic radii of Zr and Hf are almost identical. This is because of

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Identify the correct statement regarding oxidation state of Group 15 elements

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The solid NaCI is bad conductor of electricity since

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Half life period of first order reaction is 20 minutes. How long will it take to 75% completion?

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If the rate of reaction does not depends upon the initial concentration of reactant, the order ot reaction Is

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A certain current liberated 0.504 g of hydrogen in 2 hours. How many grams of copper can be liberated by the same current flowing for the
same time in a copper sulphate solution

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The emf of a galvanic cell, will electrode potentials of silver = + 0.80V and that of copper = 0.34 V, is

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Which of the following statements about chemisorption is correct?

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Osmotic pressure is 0.0821 atm at temperature of 300 K. Find concentration in mole/L

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A compound is made up of three elements X, Y and Z. X atoms are present at each corner of the unit cell. Y atoms are present on each edge
and Z atoms are present in the centre of each face. The formula of the compound is:

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Which of the following is not true about the ionic solids

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The packing efficiency of the face centered cubic (fcc), body centered cubic (bcc), and simple / primitive cubic (pc) lattices follows the order

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..........are used by dentists to see an enlarged image of the teeth

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When a certain length of wire is turned into one circular loop, the magnetic induction at the centre of coil due to some current flowing is Bo(B not). If the
same wire is turned into three loops to make a circular coil, the magnetic induction at the center of coil, the magnetic induction at the center of
this coil for the same current will be

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A hollow sphere of charge does not produce an electric field at any

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An ideal constant voltage source has internal resistance

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According to Huygens principle of secondary wavelets, each particle at a wave front

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Energy required to break the covalent bond of a semiconductor is:

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In a radioactive disintegration, the ratio of initial number of atoms to the number of atoms present at an instant of time equal to its mean life is

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A current of 10 A is passing through a long wire which has semicircular loop of radius 20 cm as shown in the figure. Magnetic field produced a
the centre of the loop is

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If two conducting spheres are separately charged and then brought in contact.

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The number of protons present in the nucleus of an atom is called:

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A light ray is going from a medium of refractive index 2.5 to a medium of refractive index 1.25. The angle of incidence at which there will be a total internal reflection.

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Consider diffraction of light from a single slit. Ratio of the intensity of central maximum to that of the first maximum lying on either side of the
central maximum Is

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Choose the incorrect statement regarding Lenz law

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The binding energy of the deuterium is 2.23 Me. The mass defect in amu is

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Sound and light waves both

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Unpolarized light in air falls on water surface (refractive index = 1.33) and achieves maximum polarization. The angle of incidence is

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A person is unable to read a newspaper without his glasses. He is most probably suffering from

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Input characteristics of transistor in CE mode represents resistance that is of value:

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Kirchhoff's laws are valid for

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