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Here is the chapter-wise/topic-wise test series of biology for CUET UG aspirants.

Biodiversity and environmental issues

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Biodiversity and environmental issues(Biology)

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A plant species X is found in only western ghats. In which of the following category the species comes?

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The world's most problematic aquatic weed, also known as "Terror of Bengal" is

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In the absence of carbon dioxide the earth will be

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Consider the following statements about biodiversity
(A) It refers to only the fauna found in a particular area
(B) It refers to the total number of individuals of a particular species found in the given area
(C) It refer to the different kind of species of flora and fauna present in the given area
(D) it is maximum in forests
The correct statements is/are

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Species-area relationship was given by

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"Jared Diamond has described "the evil quartet"; the four major causes of biodiversity losses." Which of the following alternative is not included
in the quartet?

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What is the full form of FOAM with regard to environmental pollution management?

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Due to excess of fertilizers and sewage a lot of nitrogen is produced in water bodies which causes excessive growth of algae & depletion in
oxygen levels, what is the name of this process?

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Which of the following statement is NOT true?

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Populations & Ecosystems

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Populations & Ecosystems(Biology)

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Which of the following is a renewable resource?

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The ozone layer is found in which layer of the Earth's atmosphere?

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The process by which plants release water vapor into the atmosphere is called:

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The maximum number of individuals that an environment can sustain for an indefinite period is known as:

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The process by which nitrogen gas from the atmosphere is converted into a usable form by bacteria is called:

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Which of the following is an example of a decomposer?

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The relationship between a predator and its prey is an example of:

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The first organism in a food chain is always a:

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The term "biodiversity" refers to:

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The process by which individuals of a population are distributed in a given area is called:

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Which of the following terms refers to all the populations of different species living in a particular area?

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Which of the following is an example of an abiotic factor?

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The number of trophic levels in an ecosystem is usually limited to:

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Which of the following is a density-independent factor that affects population growth?

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Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?

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The average score is 26%


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