CUET UG Anthropology Syllabus 2023: Download PDF

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Download CUET UG Anthropology Syllabus 2023 PDF for Class 12

You can read and download CUET 2023 UG Anthropology Syllabus PDF. The link to the pdf is given at the bottom of the page, you can download it in both languages, i.e., in English as well as in Hindi. CUET 2023 UG Anthropology paper code is 303.

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Note: There will be one Question Paper which will have 50 questions out of which 40 questions need to be attempted.

Unit-1: Physical Anthropology:

(i) Preliminary knowledge of Human genetics. Mendel’s Laws of heredity Monohybrid and Dihybrid ratio.

(ii) DefinitionofRaceandRacial criteria, the significance of skin color, Eye form and color, head form, and ABa blood groups as racial criteria.

(iii) Racial classification, distinctive physical features, and geographical distribution of the major racial groups of men: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid andAustraloid.

Unit-2: Prehistoric Archaeology:

(i) Tool Making: Techniques of manufacturing core and flake tools, primary and secondary flaking, pressure flaking, grinding, and polishing.Materialsusedinmakingprehistorictools.

(ii) Tool families: Pebble tools, Hand axe, Cleavers, Scrapers, Microliths, Points, Blades, Awl, Gravers, Celts, Sickles, spearheads, Arrowheads, and bone tools.

(iii) Prehistoric Cultures: A brief outline of the following prehistoric cultures of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods-

(iv) A comparative study of the salient features of Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures.

Unit-3: Material culture and economic anthropology:

(i) Economic life: meaning and aspects, characteristic features of the primitive or simple economic system.

(ii) Subsistence economy: domestication of animals-pastoralism, agriculture-shifting cultivation, horticulture, terrace cultivation, and plow cultivation.

(iii) Brief outline of the methods of hunting, fishing, and agriculture with reference to various communities of North East India as far as practicable.

Unit-4: Social Anthropology and Ethnography:

A: Social Anthropology :

(i) Family: Definition, forms, and types: nuclear family, joint family, a family of orientation, a family of procreation, monogamous and polygamous (polygynous and polyandrous).

(ii) Clusteredrelationshipina nuclear family.

(iii) Rulesofresidence:Patrilocal,matrilocal, neolocal, avancolocal,bi-local,matripatrilocal.Rulesofdescent: Patrilineal and matrilineal descent.

(iv) Functions of family, social nature of family.

B: Ethnography :

(i) A brief outline of the land and people of North-East India.

(ii) Studyofmaterialcultureandeconomiclifeofthefollowingcommunities

(iii) The Garo: Shifting or Jhum cultivation.

(iv) TheMishing: Ploughcultivation

(v) Astudyofsocial organization of the Ao Naga and the Apatani.

Unit-5: Ecology :

(i) Meaning and definition of ecology and environment.

(ii) Elements of the environment: Solid, liquid, and gas.

(iii) Physical or abiotic environment, biological or biotic environment, and sociocultural environment.

(iv) Man as the main agent disturbing the ecological balance.

Download CUET UG Anthropology Latest Syllabus PDF

Download CUET UG Anthropology Latest Syllabus PDF In Hindi

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